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Welcome to NJ Bulldog Vet

Updated: May 20, 2019

Welcome to the New Jersey Bulldog Vet website, hosted by Chuck Westfield, D.V.M. Dr. Westfield is the pre-eminent Bulldog veterinarian in the metro New York and north central New Jersey area. Dr. Westfield was raised in a bulldog dog show household starting in the mid-1960's. He and his family owned, bred and showed championship A.K.C. bulldogs, competing at the very highest levels. As a veterinarian, his knowledge and experience with the breed is unmatched in this part of the United States. If you have a breed specific question, you can email Dr. Westfield at If your dog has a medical problem and you need help you can arrange for a consultation and examination for your dog with Dr. Westfield at his practice. Just click on the link below:

I designed this website to help Bulldog owners, (and breeders) with information on breed related health issues. The Bulldog breed (as well as the other brachycephalic breeds) can be challenging for novice owners, as they are a very different dog compared to other breeds. Because of my childhood spent growing up with many of these dogs, I feel I have a lot to give back to the dog world by sharing my experiences with you. Much of what I know about Bulldogs was not learned in vet school. But I can integrate what I learned in vet school with those breed-specific practical experiences which most veterinarians cannot do. Virtually every breed has specific/common/genetic health disorders of one sort or another. I happen to know my breed's problems the best.

Thanks for your interest,

Chuck Westfield, DVM

Dr. Westfield showing Ch. Westfield Flying Colors and Judge Bobby Barlow

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